(AL-FAKHER) ABAMECTIN : 1.8% + Acetamiprid: 3.2% EC

Systemic acarcide and insecticide composed of two active ingredients works by contact for eliminating insects that are difficult to control by other pesticides especially, whitefly, leaf miners, thrips, psylla, spider mites, beetles and Empoasca lybica … etc. it has long-lasting and high effectivity.


Abamectin 1.8% EC
Acetamprid  3.2% EC
Inert Ingredient  95%

Application Rates:



Usage rate
ml/100 liters of water

Safety Period

Fruitful trees: citrus, pear … etc.

Pear psylla, aphids, whitefly, leaf miner, red spider mite, scale insects, Empoasca lybica


7 days

Vegetables: (tomato, cucumber, strawberry, potato, eggplant, melon), tobacco, chili

Leaf miners, red spider mites, two-spotted and silver rusts, psylla, tomato worm, worms, whitefly, thrips, aphids, leaf hoppers, Empoasca lybica

50 – 75

3 days

Ornamental plants

Leaf miners, spiders, whitefly, aphids, beetles, Empoasca lybica

50 – 75

3 days


Spiders, scale insects, Empoasca lybica

50 – 75

3 days