Iron Fertilizers


Soluble granules.
Tiny nutrients of iron chelate for use in alkaline and calcic soils.
New and fast-soluble composition without forming dust. Iron granule fertilizers.

Common and chemical names and composition:

Contains 6% of EDDHA   Na   Fe


Application Recommendations:

  • For general application and it might be good to carry out an analysis for soil and plant parts to evaluate application rates for each case separately.
  • Used as a fertilizer for growth stimulation. Applied at the rate of 20 kg/hectare, by mixing or dispersing on the soil or spraying on the plant.

Characteristics and usage:

  • Exceed 138 is tiny iron chelate nutrients highly effective in treating iron deficiency in citrus, field crops, orchards, and ornamental plants and helps the growth of yellow-less shoot system. It also increases the formation of buds and flowers and therefore it leads to higher quality and more yields.
  • Effectiveness of Exceed 138 appears better in alkaline and calcic soils where iron quantities are not enough for the need of plants.
  • Exceed 138 should be sprayed either on the soil or the shoot system.
  • Application rates depend on the intensity of deficiency but it should be within allowed limits for each crop. Exceed 138 can be used as preventive, curative or as a fertilizer for growth stimulation and at the appearance of iron deficiency symptoms.