Soluble liquid fertilizer rich with calcium and organic substances. Polical is an effective and rapid in providing plants with calcium, which supports cells division. Deficiency of calcium leads to physiological diseases especially at fruit ripening stage and therefore it is necessary to take into consideration the inclusion of this product in the fertilization program particularly when the plant cannot absorb this substance from the soil.

Polical with its distinguished composition including calcium compound with organic lignosulfonic acid and acetic acid enables the plant to absorb it rapidly especially in high salt and poor lands.


Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble and complexed by LS: 10% w/w
Organic Matter  20% w/w

Application Rates:


Application rates
ml/100 liters of water



Tomato, onion, cucumber, zucchini, potato, pepper, chili

150 – 200

Sprayed as required from growth starting, and by irrigation at flowering, setting and fruiting..


Apple, pomegranate, Guava, plum, vine


Used at the formation of buds and at fruiting at the rate of 2-3 sprays