A liquid organic fertilizer that is rich with nitrogen, organic carbon, and potassium. Fast soluble, fast absorbed for stimulating roots growth and for supporting fast vegetative growth.


Organic Matter 50% w/w
Total Nitrogen  (N) 2.1% w/w
Organic Carbon 28.5% w/w
Potassium oxide (k2O) 4% w/w

Application Rates:


Usage rate
liters of water


Vegetables (tomato, onion, cucumber, zucchini, potato)

2 ml

By spray on the shoot system from the starting of vegetative growth 2-3 sprays during the season.


2 ml

From the start of flowering stage up to harvesting. One spray every 20 days

Field crops, money crops (qat, coffee, cotton)

2 ml

To be sprayed from the beginning of growth stages to obtain better and quick vegetative growth