Natkil – K

Natkil – K

A liquid fertilizer specialized in expediting ripening process, fruit coloration, size and weight and solidity increase, increase of sugar substances and water in all agricultural crops.

Active ingredient:

Zinc – dissolved in water with chelates by EDTA 22%
Manganese – dissolved in water and mixed by Ac 0.2%
Boron – dissolved in water 0.2%
Potassium Oxide – Dissolved in water 0.3%

Use rates:

Vegetables: tomato, potato, onion, pepper, zucchini 200ml / 100 liters of water It is preferred to spray the fertilizer 3-4 times during the agricultural season at tying stages.
Vegetables: citrus, apple, grapes, almond Spray and repetition is preferable at fruiting stages with one week period between each spray.
Money and farm crops Used to reinforce fruits (Coffee tree) and to improve tender branches of Qat.
  • It helps the plant to yield solid and harmonious fruits which leads to improve the marketing standards for the fruits.
  • Compensates for Boron deficiency and prevents the spread of phenomenon of empty pulp in citrus trees.
  • Improves fruits’ marketing standards and gives more glowing fruits, more corps, higher quality and longer life of the fruits after harvesting.
  • Prevents the phenomenon of cracking and solidification of the