Mineral liquid fertilizer rich with major and minor nutrient substances that are necessary for plants growth and for raising efficacy to resist environment damages such as winds, draught, rains, high temperature. It is also used for building biological functions and chlorophyll production throughout all growth stages subsequently prolonging plants life and improving fruit quality.


Boron (B) water soluble 1% w/w
Copper (CU) ware soluble 1% w/w
Iron (Fe) water soluble and complexed BY ls 2% w/w
magnesium oxide (mgo) water soluble and complexed by l s 2% w/w
manganese oxide (mno) water soluble and complexed by l s 2% w/w
zinc (zn) water soluble and by S l complexed 2% w/w

Application Rates:


Usage rate
ml/100 liters of water



200 ml

Can be sprayed repeatedly throughout the whole plant season at the rate of one spray every two weeks


200-300 ml

3-4 sprays throughout the season upto harvesting stage

Other crops

200 ml

2-3 sprays during growth stages