An organic liquid fertilizer containing calcium and boron substances.

  • Antipit – for treating calcium deficiency. It also contains boron.
  • Antipit – added on an organic substance extracted from plant origin to ensure calcium absorbtion.
  • Antipit – improves fruit quality, increase its rigidity and capability for transportation and storage.
  • Antipit – increases size and rigidity of fruit and improves peel quality (protects and prevents pomegranate cracks).
  • Antipit – prevents the phenomenon of fruit-end rots, flower drops in tomatoes, chili and cucumber.
  • Antipit – assists plants in tolerating harsh climate conditions.
  • Antipit – accelerates ripening process.
  • Antipit – Safe to use and deal with.
  • Antipit – 100% soluble.


Calcium  10% w/g, 8.5% w/w
Organic substance (extracted from 100% plant origins) 30% w/g, 25% w/w
Boron 0.5% w/g, 0.42% w/w.

Application Rates:


Usage rates
ml/100 liters of water


Indoor and outdoor vegetables

300 – 500 cm3

By spraying, one time every three weeks

Pome fruit, nut trees, pomegranate

350 – 500 cm3

By spraying, one time every two weeks starting from setting firmness stage.


350 – 500 cm3

One spray before blossom, then two sprays after setting firmness.


300 – 400 cm3

One time after formation of fruits to be repeated twice.

Rose and ornamental plants

250 – 300 cm3

Once every two weeks, beginning from integration stage of the shoot system.