Treezole 5% EC

Treezole 5% EC

Emulsifiable Concentrate
A systemic curative fungicide that eliminates a large number of fungal diseases affecting agricultural crops.



50 g\L


950 g\L

Inert ingredients

 The plant absorbs the pesticide, which affects the fungal infecting factor when it penetrates the plant and forms the fungal haustoria. This pesticide halts the growth and development of the parasite by interfering in the metabolism in the cellular walls of the fungus. Although this pesticide could be used for curative and preventive purposes to eliminate and uproot pests, it is recommended to be used earlier to avoid wide spread and severity of the disease leading to irredeemable damages in the plants.

Application Rates:



Application Rate
ml/100 liters of water

Safety Period


Powdery mildew

20 – 30 ml

20 days

Mango, apple, peach

Scab, powdery mildew

40 – 60 ml

10 days

Cucumber, melon, tomato, other vegetables

Powdery mildew

30 – 50 ml

10 days

Roses, ornamental plants

Powdery mildew, black spots

50 ml

7 days

Coffee and banana

Spots, rust, stem-end rots

40 – 60 ml

6 days