Powdery Mildew Disease

Powdery Mildew Disease

This disease is considered the most significant infection that affects okra plant and cause great losses in the yields. It is spread largely in Powdery mildew grows well in environments with high humidity and moderate temperatures.


Symptoms are summarized in the appearance of white powdery spots on both surfaces of the leaves.

Leaves infected with powdery mildew may gradually turn completely yellow, die, and fall off, which may expose fruit to sunburn. On some plants, powdery mildew may cause the leaves to twist, buckle, or otherwise distort. Powdery mildew fungal growth does not usually grow on vegetable fruits, although pea pods may get brownish spots. Severely infected plants may have reduced yields, shortened production times, and fruit that has little flavor. and these spots turn later into brownish color.


(Fenzol – Penzol – Victal – Amwag – Ortiva and other fungicides).