Navel Orange Fruit Drop (June Drop)

Navel Orange Fruit Drop (June Drop)


Navel orange trees are affected with a phenomenon in which their fruits fall down during June after the formation of fruits and approaching a lemon size. This fall leads to an acute reduction in the crop. This phenomenon is associated to citric trees and known as June Drop.


After the formation of fruit, when small (a lemon size) fruits fall, leaving stalks almost without fruits. When a longitudinal section is made on a falling fruit, black fungus germs are observed around the navel area and spread along the main axis inside the fruit leading to the stalk end.


This disease is caused by a fungus called Alternaria citri, which enters through the navel area and forms its germs there. These germs move inside the fruit along the medal axis and up to the fruit top.

Germs excrete some enzyme substances causing degradation of the area connecting the fruit with the stalk end and lead to the separation and fall of the fruit.


Use Carbazim at the rate of 100ml per each 100 liters of water.