Most important pests and diseases afflicting grape

Most important pests and diseases afflicting grape:

Fungal disease:

grapes affected

  • Powdery mildew
  • Downy mildew

Other rots afflicting grape fruit:

  • Aspergillus flavus, Rhizopus Rot, and Alternaria rot.
  • Botrytis cinerea and blight. 


  • Amwag 325 SC.
  • Ortiva 250 SC.

Insect Diseases:

  • Thrips. Activity season: in the spring on the leaves and after harvesting the crop it appears on unripe fruits.
  • Aphids.
  • Paralobesia viteana.
  • Spider Mites.
  • Grape stalk borer (Paropta paradoxa) (March – October)
  • Spodoptera exigua

Protection through the following insecticides:

Siper posh, Clonel, Lotherin, Mentik, Remedial, Alsaiq, Kingu, Roserise, cobrary.