General Guidelines for the Use of Pesticides

General Guidelines for the Use of Pesticides:

These are some instruction for spraying pesticides at home or farm:

  • Always read the label carefully. You must follow all safety precautions described on the product label to protect your health, the health of others and the environment.
  • Generally, pesticide application should only be done when there are no children, pregnant women, elderly persons, pets or animals present.
  • Wear protective clothing as stated on the label, like rubber gloves, safety eye glasses and have a bath after spraying.
  • Be aware of weather patterns and do not apply pesticides just prior to rainfall or during windy conditions.
  • Don’t stand with the wind against your face or back while spraying pesticides (you can spray during light air current).

As regards plant or tree:

  • Water it well before application of pesticides.
  • Don’t use pesticides during summer as it leads to burnings on the leaves.
  • Spray water directly on the plant or tree before application of pesticides.
  • It is preferred to use pesticides during sunset.

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