Infinity 73.9% WP

Infinity 73.9% WP

A curative and preventive fungicide and bactericide composed of two active ingredients to control downy mildew, blights, and septoria (leaf spots) affecting agricultural crops.



42 g\L


697 g\L

Copper oxychlorid

261 g\L

Inert ingredients

Application Rates:



Application Rate
g/100 liters of water

Safety Period


Early and late blight

150 – 300 g

10 – 14 days

Cucumber, tomato

Downy mildew and early blight

200 – 300 g

7 days


Downy mildew and spots

200 – 300 g

20 days

  • Infinity is a curative and preventive bactericide and fungicide at the same time to control many fungal and bacterial diseases, most important of which are early and late blights and downy mildew on potatoes, cucumber, tomato and vines.
  • Long-lasting effect in addition to its high capacity to penetrate plant tissues rendering it as waterproof.
  • Degenerates rapidly in the soil, therefore it doesn’t affect the next planting. It also has no effect on subsurface water and the environment with its light toxicity on humans and natural enemies and so could be included in Integrated Pest Management.  
  • Infinity is a combination of two active ingredients having different effects, which assists in reducing the possibility of the generation of fungal progenies immune to this pesticide. Infinity is excellent against a large number of field crops (potato, cucumber, tomato, grapes) at all growth stages.