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Bin Dughsan Est

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Bin Dughsan Est. for General Trading & Agricultural Services is one of the leading companies in Yemen in the field of agricultural products and supplies through import from internationally well-known manufacturers. The Establishment was founded in 1990 in Sa’ada, by the chairmanship of Mr. Saleh Ahmed Dugshan, who expanded the Establishment to own a chain of various branches.

Our Establishment contributes to the agricultural sector by providing integrated products of pesticides, fertilizers, public health products, seeds, modern irrigation tools and equipment … etc. Our Establishment is working hard to make a difference in the agricultural sector in Yemen by cooperating with most famous companies and manufacturers worldwide to provide the latest products for the Yemeni market.

Our Establishment, through its long history in this field, made honesty and commitment our goal in all our dealings and therefore our company name and products gained the respect and trust of Yemeni farmers all over the country.

We are also proud being trusted by the leading international companies, which seek to choose our Establishment to represent them for their products in Yemen.

We take care to preserve public health and the environment by providing the safest products for all agricultural crops and products in line with latest standard and specifications.

Bin Dughsan Est. will continue its commitment to provide the farmers the best products in the agricultural sector and to contribute to developing this sector in Yemen.


We offer a wide range of products to our customers


Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are very important elements for plant growth


Prevents crop damage, and prevents some diseases by eliminating disease vectors. Elimination of insects.


High-quality agricultural seeds that are suitable for agricultural development, climate changes and resistance to diseases

One of our products on the market

We are distinguished by providing a wide range of products from major factories around the world

customer reviews

We are very happy with the products of the Bin Daghsan Foundation, as their products have enabled us to reach the maximum yield of wheat, barley and vegetables. We thank Bin Daghsan for its products and we hope that the cooperation will continue in the future
mohammed ali
We are completely satisfied with the use of the products of the Bin Daghsan Foundation, as it was chosen after comparing with many other products in the market. They have been providing high quality products with great after-sales services for 20 years

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