Truefert 20-20-20

Truefert 20-20-20

A mineral 100% soluble fertilizer that contains a combination of balanced nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium which help plants to grow the shoot system, rate of flowering and subsequently increasing the rate of setting and producing more yields. It is used at all growth stages and could be used for all agricultural crops.


Rare mineral substances included in the form of EDTA. The (part in one million) are:
magnesium 200
iron 250
manganese 170
copper 50
zinc 125
boron 35
molybdenum 15

Application Rates:



Usage rate


Open vegetables:
Tomato, onion, cucumber, zucchini, potato


Once or twice at growth and yielding stages

Protected vegetables


Once or twice per week

Fruit and fruitful trees


By scattering around the shoot system

Wheat and barley


From early growth stages

Grain plains

Added three times during growth stages with axial sprayers.

From early growth stages as required