Sprint138 iron 100 SG

 Sprint 138 iron 100 SG

Soluble granules.
Tiny iron chelate nutrients for use in alkaline and calcic soil.

Application Recommendations:

  • For general application and it might be good to carry out an analysis for soil and plant parts to evaluate application rates for each case separately.
  • Used as a fertilizer for growth stimulation. Applied at the rate of 20 kg/hectare, by mixing or dispersing on the soil or spraying on the plant.


Spray on shoot system
(3 sprays or more as required)

Spray on soil

Citrus – mango

300g/100 liters of water

In nurseries 8.5g/m2 while trees in abundant yielding as per tree size 50-200 g/tree

Vine – coffee

200g/100 liters of water

10-40g/tree, by line or side spray

Field crops: wheat, clover, corn

500g/hectare in 1000 liters of water

At least 500g/hectare

3-5 kg/hectare, by line or side spray


300g/100 liters of water

2-5 kg/hectare

Ornamental plants and greenery plains

300g/100 liters of water

300g/100 liters of water

2-5 g/square meter

2 g/square meter