Soluble grains

Iron Chelates
Warranted nutrients for the soil and plant

Use rates:


Spray on the shoot system
(3 sprays or more as required)

Spray on the soil

Citrus – Mango

300 g / 100 liters of water

At arboretums 8.5 g per meter square and as per tree size 50-200g per tree

Grapes – Coffee

200g / 100 liters of water

10-40 g / tree, spray using lateral spray or lines method

Farm crops, wheat, clover, corn

500g/hectare in 1000 liters of water

3-5 kg/hectare, spray using lateral spray or lines method


300g / 100 liters of water

2 -5 kg / hectare

Ornamental plants, grasses

300 g / 100 liters of water

2 – 5 g / square meter

  • Firacroz Fe 6% is fine nutrients of iron chelates, highly effective in treating iron deficiency in citrus, farm crops, gardens, and ornamental plants. It improves the formation of buds and flowers and leads to increasing the crops and improving its quality.
  • Effectiveness of Firacroz Fe 6% appears remarkably in alkaline and calcic soils, where iron is insufficient for the plant needs. Firacroz 6% is sprayed either on the soil or the shoot system.
  • The use rates depend on deficiency intensity but it should be maintained within allowable limits for each crop. Firacroz Fe 6% could be used as preventative or curative or as a fertilizer to stimulate growth or when symptoms of iron deficiency appear.