(MELDOZER) ABAMECTIN: 1.8% + Imidaclopride: 3% EC

(MELDOZER) ABAMECTIN: 1.8% + Imidaclopride: 3% EC

Emulsifiable Concentrate
A systemic acaricide and insecticide effective by contact for eliminating insects that are difficult to combat using other pesticides especially (whitefly, leafminers, thrips, aphids, psylla, spiders, beetles, … etc.). It has long-lasting and high effects.

Active ingredients:

Imidaclopride 3%
Abamactin 1.8%
Additive ingredients 95.2%

Application Rates:



Usage rate

ml/100 liters of water

Safety Period

Fruit trees: citrus, pear..etc.

Pear psylla, aphids, whitefly, leafminers, red spider mites, scale insects

50 ml

7 days

Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, strawberry, potato, eggplant, cherry), tobacco, Arabian jasmine

Leaf miners, spiders (red, rust, two-spotted, silver), psylla, tomato worm, worms, whitefly, thrips, aphids, leaf hoppers

25 – 35 ml

3 – 7 days

Ornamental plants

Leaf miners, spiders, whitefly, aphids, beetles … etc.

25 – 35 ml

Meldozer is an effective insecticide to combat a wide spectrum of insects such as aphids, whitefly, other sucking insects, larvae, beetles and moths affecting a large group of vegetables. The comination of these two effective ingredients in the pesticide ensures and a wide range effect and long period of protection.