(RINGER) EmamectinBenzoate: 50 g/l

(RINGER) EmamectinBenzoate: 50 g/l  

Ringer is a biopesticide resulting from the fermentation of abamactin. It is effective and has penetrating characteristics inside the plant and so leads to better prevention against all types of worms.

Active ingredients:

Emamectin Benzoate 16 g/l
additive ingredients: 984 g/l

Usage Rates:



Usage rate

ml/20 liters of water

Safety Period

Vegetables: tomato, onion, potato, pepper, cabbage … etc.

Lepidoptera, leaf miners, Agrotis ipsilon (tomato worms)

5 ml

5 days

Fruit trees

Spiders, Lepidoptera, leaf miners

4 ml

7 days

Arabian jasmine, and ornamental plants

Spiders, Lepidoptera

4 ml

7 days